12 Top Business Ideas for the USA and Beyond

The business landscape in the United States is always changing. New technologies, trends, and policies all contribute to the changing business landscape. Since so many changes have been made in recent years, I thought it was time for some new business ideas for the USA to be presented. Below are 30 business ideas based on recent industry research and designed for 2021 and beyond.

1. E-Commerce distribution center for small business

E-commerce in the USA grew to over $450 billion in 2017, a 16% increase from 2016. However, with these enticing statistics, the huge presence of Amazon.com creates tough competition for small businesses. This business idea would help fix that by creating a service where small businesses can have their products shipped, for storage and distribution. Ultimately helping manage their online sales. This also takes out the complications of managing that operation for the small business owners. With the market set to grow further, this idea is one to watch.

2. Retail & Distribution Consulting

Many retail commercial spaces are becoming ghost towns as people continue to shift to purchasing stuff online. A unique trend that has already been established in China is using the retail outlet spaces for both customers and distributors. They shrink the front space to make room for a space in the back for distribution. To execute this idea, one could approach mid-sized companies with retail storefronts that do not get much foot traffic and consult them on how to better utilize their space. This will be a growing need for businesses as the e-commerce trend continues.

3. International Trade Consulting Company

Since Trump’s presidency, there have been a lot of changes and more potential changes coming with international trade.  This company would help other companies keep up and manage these changes in regulations, tariffs, and other uncertainties. As other countries change their policies, there will be more demand for this idea.

4. Personal Cyber Security Software Company

Cybersecurity threats continue to increase year over year, and the severity of the threats keeps increasing. For instance, look at the recent Equifax hack, millions were affected. Almost everyone has a smartphone with several social media accounts, online banking, personal photos, and other important information. Many people don’t have this protected. This idea would cater to the executives and rich who really need their personal information secure at all times. As online services grow, so does the potential for this company, as more cyber attacks happen.

5. Small Business CyberSecurity Software Company

Again, with the increase in cybersecurity threats, many small businesses are vulnerable to attacks and threats too. Many of them also cannot afford big-name software systems or an IT department to get things under control. By developing software that would protect all the basic areas of a small business, you could serve 98% of the business community in the United States.

6. Security Company (Drone powered)

With the use of drones, one can provide surveillance of large areas using thermal and HD cameras. It can also prevent the threat to human security employees from any harm from robbers or other threats. This is also an idea that can be started with little money (surprisingly). All you would need to do is buy a drone that is quiet and has thermal, noise, and HD capabilities. In total, it costs about $1,500 if you shop smart. Then you could go and get security contracts for large pieces of land.

7. Digital Assistant Integrations Company

Many large corporations provide assistants to the executives. However, the one downfall is that the executives can work a lot longer than their assistants do, leaving them without help sometimes. With the growth and rise of artificial intelligence (AI), personal digital assistants could be the perfect replacement. If you have interest or knowledge in developing personal assistants for executives to process calls, book meeting times, flights, arrange printings, etc, then this idea would be perfect for you.

10. AI Implementation company

With over 35% of executives looking into the implementation and investment in AI, there is definitely a need for an AI implementation business. For this idea, you would be using other AI software that other companies developed, in conjunction with reliable data gathered for the inputs to create useful systems that other companies could use. There will be a huge demand for this among fortune 500 companies for this service.

11. Affordable Elderly Care Facilities

The growing elderly population is apparent in the USA, and there is a huge need for affordable elderly care facilities. These facilities will also need to provide quality treatment, as there have been past problems with bad quality managed facilities. This business idea would be in high demand since there are many elders who rely solely on government subsidies or little pensions provided by companies that went bankrupt.

12. Opioid Addiction Facility

A cost-effective opioid addiction treatment facility would be a high-demand business due to the epidemic that the United States is facing. Both legal and illegal opioids are causing a lot of addiction problems. To fight this, one could open up a facility in the most vulnerable states. The best way to do this without sinking a lot of your own money would be to look for state grants that could provide funding. This is the perfect business idea for someone wanting to do good in the world and fight the opioid epidemic.

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